Multiplication Tables

An innovative app designed to help people of all ages learn their multiplication tables. I created this app after I had difficulty with my own multiplication tables. Learn More

Swift Planner

My first app, I designed this as a summer project and completed it at CodeDay Fall (where it won first place). This app is designed for procrastinators and features an innovative design to help people manage their time. Learn More


A brain game designed to incorporate engaging gameplay and mathematics. Using classic geometrical shapes and colors, I created a relaxing experience that helps people relax their mind before a test, a day, or maybe just to unwind. Learn More


I created this game for my Honors Humanities class. This game lets the user experience the time period of the Renaissance from the viewpoint of the influential Medici family. This app allows you to make decisions deciding the fate of the Renaissance. Project Site


I created this app for WWDC 2016. It adds upon the default Notes app, and adds several much needed features, like formatting, styling, ease of access, and a UI/UX redesign. Learn More

Westview App

I designed and archicted the app, and mentored a team to code the app. The app was a utility app for my high school, Westview. Learn more here.

Coming Soon...

Who knows what my next app will be? I have plans for games, utlities, and so much more.